Levitating Bluetooth Speaker (Really!)

orb speaker
Meet the world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker! The OM/ONE is a spherical shaped speaker measuring 3.6″ across that levitates atop a glowing base. How does it work? Magnets of course. How do magnets work? Ask ICP about that one. Anyway, it looks like something from the future. There’s a certain intrigue about things that levitate that you can’t help but be curious about. Check out this video which gives a bit of the backstory and you can see it in action floating:

The other neat thing is that you can remove the sphere and take it anywhere without the base. It has a 15 hour battery life per charge. The speaker will work with the newest Bluetooth 4.0 standard which allows you to pair 2 of them together for full stereo sound. Like most bluetooth speakers these days, it also functions as a speaker and microphone for conference calling and other uses with your smartphone. How cool would this be sitting in the middle of the table in your conference room? Or living room. A post-modern piece of technology that’s also a conversation piece. You can order the OM/ONE for $179 each.