Dubble Bubble Pinball Machine Gum Dispenser

It’s the little pinball machine that rewards you with bubble gum! The Dubble Bubble Pinball Machine Gum Dispenser features flashing lights and pinball arcade sounds for a realistic pinball experience (except smaller, and with candy, and at your house instead of a strip mall in suburbia). Kids of all ages will love getting their gumball reward. All you need to do is hit the pink bumper and a gumball is released from the big chamber on top, through the machine, into your hand and then into your hangry pie hole.

It doesn’t use gumballs on the playing surface but a stainless steel silver ball. Stand like a statue, hit the bumpers, keep the ball in play, keep your wrists supple, play by sense of smell, get those crazy flipper fingers ready so you too can be a gumball wizard. Includes a starter supply of gum. There doesn’t have to be a trick. Just a treat.