Duo Pinball Adds Pinball Controls to the iPad

Turn your iPad into a miniature pinball machine with the Duo Pinball for iPad. This gaming accessory clips on to your iPad and gives you a button on each side to play pinball with. That’s real tactile pinball machine grip style feel right there. Of coure the best part is there too- the ball plunger (is that what it’s actually called?!)

The Duo Pinball connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your device. Now there are some big limitations of course- you can only use it with specific pinball table games (of which there are 5 free ones to download and they do look pretty cool- Wild West, The Deep, Snow, DaVinci, Jungle Style).

On the plus side, you can stream it to your TV and you could technically use it with other Bluetooth iDevices like iPhones but they won’t be able to physically mount in the Duo. Pretty cool and if you’re a pinball fanatic, a must have.