Confetti High Five Shooter Gadget

confetti high five in action
Is there any possible way to improve on a celebratory high five? A double high five? Ok, we’ll give you that. A double high five with a chest bump? Seems like pretty intense on the testosterone there but yeah that’s an improvement too. But we’ll do you one better- confetti. That’s right- put the Confetti High Five Shooter in your hand and boom- add some dramatic flair to your high fives.
confetti high five box
This gadget straps onto your hand lets you blast confetti for an action packed celebration. Party time, excellent. It uses air pressure from the power of your high fiving to shoot the confetti high in the air, so put some power into that high five. Comes with 6 confetti cartridges for quick reloading and high fiving. Yeah you can refill the cartridges when you’re done, so fill them with your confetti of choice. Boom. Roasted.