Black Leopard USB Hub

We’ve covered various animal shaped USB hubs and flash drives but I can say with 100% certainty that this is the first black leopard USB gadget we’ve ever seen (and probably the last). In fact, I admittedly had never even heard of a black leopard until just now. The great and knowledgeable Wikipedia says they’re real and they are simply melanistic leopards (they lack melanin). This black leopard USB hub has a USB port in each of it’s four paws (Wikipedia confirms that leopards have four paws!) and weighs 73g which is much lighter than the real mammals (Wikipedia confirms that real leopards weigh 30 to 91 kg). This hub moves data via a USB 2.0 High-Speed Interface. Real leopards also move via a high speed interface called legs (per Wikipedia) and can run up to 36mph (thanks Wikipedia again!)

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