Light Therapy Earbuds Shine a Light…In Your Ears

light therapy earbuds
May the good Lord shine a light on you, make every song you sing your favorite tune. With a pair of Light Therapy Earbuds you can hear your favorite songs AND shine a light into your noggin. These earbuds have integrated LEDs that channel light through your ear directly to your brain. Why do you need light in your head? It’s light therapy that affects your mood and energy level.
light therapy earbuds plugged
Just 12 minutes of daily exposure (about the length of 3 Rolling Stones songs or 1/8th of a Phish song) should increase your energy levels and alertness. It works because “melanopsin and encephalopsin, the receptor proteins that help control these functions, are photosensitive”. Plus it looks kinda cool:
light therapy earbuds in use
Reduce your seasonal mood swings and lack of energy while rocking out to some good music. Helps to prepare and recover from travel. A single charge from the micro-USB charger is good for two weeks of operation.