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This is a smart design idea. Hasbro has redesigned the packaging for many of your favorite classic board games so they store in a classy book-style vertical manner. No more stacks of unsightly brightly colored wide game boxes that you have to hide in a basement rec room or closet. These games all match and can be proudly displayed on any bookshelf- they look like a row of classic books. Show them off in your living room, den, library, or even the office.
monopoly book
The games themselves are exactly the same as the original versions you played as a kid (and still do). The only major difference is that the boards fold up more times (looks like in 9ths) instead of in half to fit into the box. There is a WIDE variety of games available: Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, Jenga, Clue, Life, Stratego, Yahtzee. Some are available in a wooden box as well. Would make a great gift or collection.