10 Twister Games You Never Played as a Kid

Twister is the classic board game introduced in 1966 that probably everyone has played. But to keep it fresh there are now many different versions of the game that are completely different than the one you used to play (and no we’re not talking about co-ed naked Twister). Here’s the top 10 we’ve found.

Go big or go home with a giant Inflatable Outdoor Twister Game. This 15′ square mat can hold up to 10 players and includes a giant 2 foot diameter spinner wheel. It’s also a bit more expensive than the original Twister game, costing $2000 from Hammacher.

Twister now comes in “Take Along” packaging, basically a tube that you can travel with that holds the board and has the spinner on the side. The Take Along Twister Hello Kitty is just one of a batch of themed boards and if you’ve ever wanted explicit permission to step on Hello Kitty’s face, this is your shot.

Twister Dance DVD seems like it’s Milton Bradley’s answer to Dance Dance Revolution. It forgoes the traditional board and way of playing for something that’s mostly Twister in name only. Either way it’s a good cardio workout and you can learn some dance moves along the way.

Play Twister anytime anywhere with Finger Twister, a miniature version of the game complete with stickers for your nails.

It’s Twister in your pocket with the Twister Carabiner Keychain. This tiny Twister has a little slide out drawer that holds the colored dots to make up the board. Set up the dots, tie you in knots. Clips on to anything with the carabiner.

Twister Hoopla is kind of like Twister 3D. Or more 3D. Instead of putting your body parts on the mat, you use colored rings to link up to your fellow players in fun creative ways. There’s 5 different ways to play to keep the fun going all day.

Get sassy with the Twister Game Girl Talk Edition which has you singing, dancing, telling secrets and more. Includes four funky bracelets. Wait… bracelets? What?

Es Twister en español. Ahora puedes jugar completamente en español con Twister Game – Spanish. Aprender a hablar español y tener diversión. Pie izquierdo, azul. Impresionante.

Get your dance on with Twister Moves High School Musical. Dance with Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez and the rest of the gang (yes I had to look that up).

It’s all about active indoor fun with Twister Hopscotch a combination of the two classic games. Set up the Twister style rings and use the Twister spinner to jump around in a hopscotch game. Play hopscotch indoors!

Twister! It’s all new.

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  1. I am not so good in this game, but still enjoy it. We play for hours and it’s very difficult to decide who’s the winner when my brother and cousin start to join.

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