Toilet Sound Blocker

toilet sound blocker
Take care of your business in complete privacy with these Eco Otome Toilet Sound Blockers. Coming from Japan, where they love those bathroom gadgets just as much as we do here on the big blog, this little device creates a flushing water sound when you press the button masking any embarrassing bathroom noises you might be creating. The sound runs for 25 seconds per push which should give you enough time to do your dirty work (obviously you can press it multiple times in a row if need be).
toilet sound blockers
Bathroom shyness ends here. Great for public restrooms and especially your office bathroom. There’s nothing worse than sitting down for a nice paid break on the throne when one of your co-workers saunters in and plops down in the stall next to you. With the newspaper. Total alpha move. Fear not, just push the button and do your thing and get back to work. Break time is over my friends.