Donkey Kong Wall Rack for Coffee Capsules

donkey kong kcup
Looking for a geekier way to store your Nespresso┬« Coffee Pods? Meet CapsuleKong, a wall-mounted display holder for your capsules that’s modeled after the Donkey Kong game. Made of anodised aluminium, this rack can hold 50 pods. It’s got the flaming barrel, the jumping Mario, the princess, the angry gorilla, everything. The fun part is that the pods roll down the board themselves as you can see in the video:

Sure you can’t see what each pod is once it’s in the rack (nor can you take one out from the middle without taking them all out) but it’s more fun this way. And geekier. Every day is a potential Donkey Kong kill screen. Now about that $170 price tag…hmmmm. (via gizmodo)