App Controlled Smart Egg Tray

smart egg tray
Do you use a lot of eggs in your home but on an irregular basis? Do you get to the supermarket and rack your brain trying to remember if you needed eggs or not? Eggsactly. There’s a technology solution to this fairly specific problem- the Egg Minder Smart Egg Tray. This is the egg tray that connects with an iPhone/Android app to tell you how many eggs you have left.
egg minder app
There’s also an LED light next to each egg that tells you which is the oldest egg (use that one first!) The app can be set to send you push notifications if you’re running low on eggs (a true eggmergency) and can tell you when your eggs are going bad. Sure it might be slightly ridiculous and tech overkill but why not switch your home to a smart home anywhere you can? Be an early eggdapter..I mean adopter.


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