Review: Recoil Winder

The folks from Recoil Winders recently sent me their namesake product to review. The Recoil Winder is a simple spring loaded cord winder in a glossy white plastic casing. It comes in three sizes to match up with your cord sizes- I tested the medium. It’s a deceptively simple gadget- to use it you just fold your wire in half, hook it around the loop inside the Recoil and pull.

The spring-loaded mechanism then winds up your cord around the middle. To use your cord just pull it back out and unhook it. It’s great for storing cables in your pocket or bag without them getting tangled up, or just to keep a neater desk or cable drawer. I tried a few different cable types- some worked better than others- a few were too stiff or thick, perhaps a large size Recoil would have helped.

The Recoil is a good solution to cord tangles but it’s not a great solution. The winding mechanism is a little tricky to get it go sometimes, took a little finesse. When it goes, it does wind up cables extremely fast- certainly much quicker than manually wrapping them around something. Note that it looks like using earbuds with a mic or volume control on the wire will either not work or possibly damage the mic as they wind up. So overall, it’s a solid but not perfect product. If you have a mess of cords and need a quick way to wind them up neatly, this might work for you.