Elecom Travel Mouse Holds It’s Own Cord

elecom wind up mouse
Elecom has just introduced the M-MK1UR mouse, which has a rubber flap that lifts up to hold it’s own wound cord for traveling. Now obviously a wireless mouse would eliminate this problem in the first place but when you’re traveling you don’t always want to take something that depends upon batteries, especially if you plan to be away for a long time. Plus mice with batteries are going to be heavier than a corded USB mouse.

So this is a pretty decent product I think, your mouse’s cord went get all tangled up in your bag when you’re traveling. That always seems to be my biggest problem with unpacking- cord tangling- everything has a cord and I need some many gadgets when I’m on the go and all the chargers are incompatible with one another and it all always ends up just a tangled mess. I usually put each gadget in it’s own ziplock bag to keep it all straight.

via akihabara news

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