Diesel GrandDaddy: World’s Biggest Watch

Go big or go home! Introducing the Diesel GrandDaddy, which is billing itself as the world’s biggest watch. I don’t know what the actual record is, but this thing is a beast. Ideal for those people who like their cellphones the size of small tablets. This limited edition (1000 numbered pieces) is a whopper of a watch, measuring 66mm x 73mm (a bit over 2.5″ x 2.8″) which leaves plenty of room for a quadruple chronograph. It looks like you could land a plane with those controls.

Bigger is better. Have you been doing your bicep curls? The case is black ion-plated steel, the strap is leather, and it has an iridescent mineral crystal. With four chronograph movements, you can set it for four timezones like the true international player you are. It’s definitely huge and attention grabbing.

2 thoughts on “Diesel GrandDaddy: World’s Biggest Watch

  1. Awesome watch with a real shitty band. What were they derping when this design was approved for sale?

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