DIY Boba Fett Lamp

boba fett light 650x945 DIY Boba Fett Lamp
Mark from Major League Mods has done it again. He made this really cool Boba Fett lamp for his (appropriately named) son Luke. Luke gets a lamp and more time with his Dad because it didn’t take too much effort or time to make. He essentially just gutted this Boba Fett Electronic Helmet DIY Boba Fett Lamp, then drilled a hole in the top and mounted it on an existing lamp.
boba fett lamp back DIY Boba Fett Lamp
That’s the backside. Sure it’s not as fancy as this Tiffany style Boba Fett lamp we covered a while back but for a DIY Star Wars project for a kid’s room, it’s pretty great. Check out the full Instructable for more details on the process.

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