Glow in the Dark Death Star Pumpkin

That’s no moon! It’s a Death Star Pumpkin. It looks like it took a lot of time to hand paint all those little details. What we have here is actually a fake pumpkin painted with UV reactive and glow in the dark paint. See, it glows:

This Star Wars Halloween pumpkin is about 7.5″ tall with a 9″ diameter. It also has a vulnerable exhaust port that could be a weak spot if any Rebel ships come nearby. This punkin’ can be yours for $225 but if you want to paint your real pumpkin with glow-in-the-dark paint, you can pick up a good selection of glow paints here at Amazon.

7 thoughts on “Glow in the Dark Death Star Pumpkin

  1. I am Cricket. I painted this pumpkin. I will tell you it DID take a LONG time to paint this. Had to be done in “stages” and the windows all over it were DEFINITELY the most time consuming part of the project. It took about 20 hours to finish this piece. But it is on an artificial pumpkin, so the investment is well worth it, considering it will NEVER rot and it is sealed with non-yellowing, satin-finish, water resistant clear coat designed for use over acrylic paints. I appreciate you featuring this Labor of Love on your page. Thanks for the props! 🙂 I’m hoping it finds a home with a True Fan (like myself) who will enjoy it for years and years to come!

  2. Yes, someone please buy it! 😀 I’m painting an amazing skull now, it’s my newest fun project. Will write in when it’s done and give you the link to it on etsy if you want. I love painting 3-dimensional substrates. <3 Thanks, again, Jeff.

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