Star Trek Glow in the Dark Pillow

star trek glow in the dark pillow1
I’m super duper impressed with this handmade Star Trek pillow from LDHenson. It has a retro-fabulous look with the sewn on electric neon colored felt, evoking the groovy 1960’s. The backside of the pillow has the Enterprise:
star trek glow in the dark pillow2
The stars and Spock’s insignia both glow in the dark. The problem with this pillow (and really it’s the type of problem we’d all like to have) is that both sides are really awesome. I wouldn’t know which side to display it on. Maybe Spock for my bro’s and the spaceship for my ho’s. Unfortunately this pillow is just for show and not for sale otherwise I would totally pick one up before one you Trekker readers snatches it. Cause it’s cool.

via geeksugar