Tacocopter, Flying Taco Delivery Drone

Tacos, so delicious yet so far away. And taco delivery? So inefficient when it’s bound by things like roads, sidewalks and the ground. Well where this taco is going, we don’t need roads. Because the Tacocopter has achieved liftoff. Sure unmanned airborne drones are not currently allowed by the FAA even for such awesome uses as delivering a taco, but that just seems like a minor hurdle to overcome. Watch the taco take flight for the first time in this video:

Ok, that was what- 1 second? 2 seconds? of actual taco flying time. So maybe FAA approval isn’t the biggest hurdle. Back to the drawing board Tacocopter. On the plus side, that sour cream cannon at the beginning of the video shows a lot of promise. (via huffpo)