Superhero Raincoats for Kids

Awesome. Kids today, sheesh, they get all the cool stuff. Like these Superhero Raincoats. Back in my day if you wanted a superhero raincoat you put a clear plastic bag over your superhero pajamas and ran outside before your parents could slap you silly. Now they make real raincoats, waterproof and all and you don’t have to wear a garbage bag over yourself. Let’s face it, evil supervillains are not waiting for a sunny day to do bad things- we need junior crimefighters on the scene in all weather.

Oh and did we mention that the logos glow in the dark?! Seriously how can I do that whole Benjamin Button thing cause I want one of these- now. They come in either Batman or Superman in kid’s sizes 2T through 6X. The capes are detachable for easy cleaning. $49.99 each.

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