Predator vs. Prey Mittens

It’s epic battles for your hands. Predator vs. Prey Mittens are the only mittens that give you rival animal pairs. Each set comes with 2 different mittens; owl vs. mouse, cat vs. dog, frog vs. fly, wolf vs. sheep, lion vs. gazelle, whale vs. fish. The nice folks at Hoopla sent over a pair for our junior intern to try out and he loves them! We got a pair of dog vs. cat as seen above (attacking our junior intern’s face!) and not only are these mittens fun, they are well constructed. The stitching felt tight, there was a bit of elastic around the wrist to keep them in place, and they were pretty soft.

These mittens come in both adult and kids sizes, so everyone can play. The cool part is that while they are warm mittens for the cold weather, they are also entertainment. Our junior intern loved wearing them inside and putting on puppet shows (during his unpaid lunch breaks, of course- not working hours). Adults can use them to entertain themselves or their kids too. Really fun mittens and you can be sure these would make a great gift for someone on your list at only $29.99 for adults and $24.99 for kids. Available here.