Superhero Locks Keep Your Stuff Safe from Villains

You can always count on the Justice League to safeguard you from the evil villains in your town and now you can count on those caped crusaders to safeguard your belongings with Superhero Padlocks. These solid steel combination locks with a hardened steel shackle are as tough as kryptonite (the rock, not the bike lock). Available in one of five different Justice League superhero member logo styles- Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash.

These locks would look pretty cool on some kid’s school locker. Plus the designs are so distinctive that if you had one of these colorful locks on your locker in school or at the gym, it would be really easy to pick out which locker is yours from a distance. Definitely some of the coolest padlocks I’ve ever seen.

Superhero Padlocks

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