Dictionary Desk Pillow Folds Up and Looks Like a Book

Taking a nap at your desk just became a little bit easier to hide from the nap cops (your boss) with the Dictionary Desk Pillow. The pillow has a paper book cover and folds up to look just like a large book when you’re not using it. Stash it away all those other books in your cubicle that you never look at. It’s a stealth pillow!

You might want to consider pairing this with the Nap Alarm Clock, so you wake up by the time your boss gets back from lunch. It’s imported from Japan and has Japanese writing on the spine which is actually a huge plus because your boss or co-workers are way less likely to take it from the shelf if they think it’s a foreign language book, unless they speak Japanese of course. At $80, it’s not cheap, but can you really put a price on a good nap? Well I guess actually you can- $80.

2 thoughts on “Dictionary Desk Pillow Folds Up and Looks Like a Book

  1. Wow! Just wow! This is indeed a cool desk gadget. I can’t imagine someone would be able to invent something like this. Well, everyone need a few minutes break so this can probably help, just not during work hours or class hours.

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