Pillow Books

pillow books
Admit it, those classic books everyone is forced to read in high school are totally booooooooring. They make you want to take a nap. In fact, they’re probably better suited for napping than for reading. At least with these Olde Book Pillow Classics you can really cozy up with a good book. You can’t read them but you can certainly get cozy with them because they’re actually pillows.
pillow books in use
It’s not like you were going to make very far into the real books before passing out anyway. Cut right to the chase. These “books” come in Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, or Treasure Island. Alice in Wonderland is the only one that opens though. All are made from a polyester outer, polyester fiber filling and polyurethane foam. Definitely beats trying to nap on a Kindle.

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