Bug Checker Kitchen Light Board

Bugs! Not cool in your salad and not Kosher (literally- bugs are not Kosher). Even after washing off your leafy greens bugs can still persist, so you need backup to ensure you’re not eating bugs. The Bug Checker Portable Light Board shines an LED light underneath your produce to help you spot bugs. The light shines right through lettuce but not through bugs, making them easy to see. No more eye strain and wet sleeves from lifting your greens up to your kitchen light or window to look for bugs- just slide them across the Bug Checker.

The unit runs on rechargeable batteries and is sealed tight so it’s safe to use with wet produce. Wipes clean. A great kitchen gadget for any Kosher kitchen, restaurant, or anyone else who wants to be completely sure there are no bugs in their produce.

(and if anyone out there caught the Bravo show Chef Roble a few weeks ago when he catered a party for Matisyahu, you know he could have used this gadget!)

Also available in the slightly larger Bug Checker XL Size.

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