Tiny Spider Cleans Your Monitor

The Itsy Bitsy Cleaner is a handy screen wiper. This tiny spider attaches to your monitor with his little web (looks like a suction cup to me). When your screen gets dusty, you pull the spider from his web where he’s attached by a retractable string and use the spider’s soft belly to wipe your screen clean. Just like real spiders that eat other bugs, this guy eats dust (ok, not exactly eating but I just wanted to throw in some advanced trivia knowledge that I had; spiders eat bugs; next stop for me is Jeopardy). He’s only $10 which is cheap but waaay more expensive than a box of tissues. Of course, tissues aren’t quite so whimsical (unless you make little tissue ghosts, then we might have a battle of whimsy on our hands).

uncommon goods via nerd approved