Blabber Meter Measures Your Blabbing Levels

OMG if these people in my office would just shut their fat traps for a few minutes I could actually get some work done around here. These blabbermouths are literally costing me money. Do you think I really care about your nephew’s friend who fell off a surfboard and scraped his knee on coral and was in the hospital in the same room as Ozzie Smith’s cousin? Cause I don’t. I’m trying to make the donuts here.

Does that sound like you on a daily basis? Are the people around you costing you money with their blabbing. Well find out exactly what they time value of blabbing is with the Blabber Meter, a blabbing measuring and cost counting device. Yes this is nothing but a rebranded version of the TIM (Time is Money) Meeting Cost Calculator but sometimes it’s all about how you market these things. Press the button and let the meter run. I doubt you can make the put their money where their mouth is but at least now you can quantify it.

via chipchick