Remote Controlled Photo Reconnaissance Plane

remote photo plane1
This remote controlled plane has a camera attached to it’s wing, letting you be the eye in the sky. How cool is that? You can fly it and take aerial shots of your home, neighborhood, self, or whatever. See the world from a birds view. Unlike camera kites, you don’t need to rely on the wind to get pictures from the air. You can control both the plane and the picture taking via the three channel remote:
remote photo plane controller
The plane can take up to 15 still photos or up to 14 seconds of video at the push of a button. The lightweight, durable RC airplane is made of EPP foam and has a 500′ range. The plane can soar for up to six minutes on a 20 minute charge from it’s rechargeable batteries. You can download the photos you take using the included USB cable and Windows XP/Vista software.

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  1. Old, actually. The Silverlit X-Plane had an optional camera add-on that would take pictures vertically down on the push of a button.

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