Wynder’s Spiral Hot Dog Cutters

With the Memorial Day holiday coming up this weekend and barbecue season upon us, now is the time when grilling hot dogs becomes a national obsession. Hot dogs are great grilled up straight but advanced hot dog chefs know that the best way to get maximum grilled flavor for your frankfurters is to slice them up a little bit before cooking. The Wynder Spiral Hot Dog Cutter takes this to the extreme by turning your hot dogs, sausages, or bratwursts into a spiral of deliciousness.

To use the cutter (which comes in a set of 3 sizes), you insert your hot dog into the spiral piece, then just roll it on a plate and use the cutting piece to slice it as it rolls through the spiral. The result is a hot dog that has more surface area for more grill flavor, more condiments, and more visual appeal. More flavor, more fun. The Spiral Hot Dog Cutter costs $12.95.

UPDATE 2! There’s now a new product called The Cyclone that spiral cuts hot dogs (since Wynders went out of business- see below)!

Update! It looks like Wynders is out of business and I can’t find a replacement. So you’ll have to DIY this with a knife. Check out the video below for a demo of how to make a spiral cut hot dog yourself: