Cyclone Spiral Hot Dog Cutter

Finally, spiral hot dogs are back for everyone! The spiral cut gives you all sorts of win with quicker, crisper cooking and more surface area for condiments. As you might recall we posted about a spiral hot dog cutter a few years back but that company went out of business! Now there’s finally a new product, better designed, that gives you that tasty spiral cut. Meet the Cyclone wiener slicing tool.

The Cyclone comes in a set of two sizes, one in mustard yellow and the other ketchup red. Just slide the Cyclone over your favorite hot dogs, sausages, frankfurters, weiners, footlongs, or red hots, and twist it around to slice it up before cooking. Put it on the grill and get all that bonus grill flavor in your frank. This is an exciting time in the world of hot dogs, my friends.

5 thoughts on “Cyclone Spiral Hot Dog Cutter

      1. perhaps- however, there is no other version on the market right now. so you won’t see this type of thing in the dollar stores until the cheap knockoffs are made- if that even happens.

  1. stupid waste of money and drawer space. can do the same thing with a wooden skewer and a good knife.

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