Make Your Own Wooly Willy Table

Wooly Willy is that classic kid’s toy with magnetic shavings inside that allows you arrange them like hair on Willy’s head in any way you want using the “magic” wand (yeah, I never knew the name of this toy until just now either). One crafty Instructables user said, “why does the fun have to stop just because you’re not a kid anymore?” And with that, he went to work creating a giant sized Wooly Willy table.

The great thing about this table is that it’s just a simple toy made giant sized. The basic frame is made of two inexpensive Ikea products- the Lack 21″ table and the Ribba 19 3/4″ shadow box frame. The “hair” is made from cheap iron fillings (about $3 worth) and Willy’s image is just a printout- you could use any image you want. The “magic” pen is some dowels with a magnets attached. Simple as that.

I was thinking about making one of these tables for my kids with my own picture in there until someone informed me that I ALREADY look like I’m fully Wooly Willy’ed up and there would be no place for my kids to put more hair. I was told it would be more of a coloring book situation where they’d just cover up what’s already there and that my face looks like a monkey and would scare the kids. So back to the drawing board, maybe I’ll just stick with Willy.

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