Can You Guess What Two Things the Exped Pillow Pump Does?

When you’re out hiking, mountain biking, backpacking or camping, you definitely want to conserve space so you can travel as light as possible. That’s why combination items like the Exped Pillow Pump are ideally suited for the savvy outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) like yourself.

The Exped Pillow Pump is made of a slip resistant and skin friendly textured ripstop polyester with high quality welded seams. You use the Pillow Pump with either your foot or hands to pump up your mat (2 valves and adapters included for all mat styles). Then when your mat is fully inflated, you seal the valves up an use the Pillow Pump as a comfortable pillow. A pair of loops helps secure the pillow to the mat.

Stop using your pack or a balled up shirt as a pillow and get comfy with an inflated pillow that also doubles as a pump. It’s two things you need for camping in one lightweight package. Includes a pack sack and repair kit.

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