Wampa Slippers are Warmer than the Inside of a Tauntaun

You remember the friendly Wampa from Star Wars, right? Well it’s the nice looking fella pictured above, you know the one who captured Luke on the planet Hoth in Empire Strikes Back and hung him upside down in his cave. Nice guy! Well if you’re like one Wampa-loving Instructables user, you make your own pair of fuzzy Wampa slippers.

Since for some reason they don’t make official Wampa slippers (UPDATE: THEY DO MAKE THEM NOW!), these homemade ones will have to do. Warning- making these involves the shameless destruction of a pair of identical white teddy bears!!! Basically tear open the two bears (buy them, don’t steal them from your kids!!), attach a felt bottom for the soles of your feet and stitch on a Wampa face. Done and done.

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