Wampa Slippers

wampa slippers
You’re probably thinking to yourself, didn’t Craziest Gadgets cover Wampa Slippers once before? To that I say, damn you have a good memory, that was over 4 years ago- are you Rain Man or something? Sidebar, am I still allowed to make Rain Man references or am I severely dating myself? Regardless, if your house is as cold as a Hoth night, warm up your feet with these toasty Wampa Slippers.

Unlike the pair we featured back in the days of yore (2010), this is an officially produced pair and not some DIY job that you will never actually make. To get these all you need to make is the money. They’re fuzzy, as all Wampas are, and have little grippy dots on the bottom to keep you from slipping. Just how nature and George Lucas intended it to be. Comes in small and large (or as we prefer: Leia and Luke sizes). Geeky yet functional, just like you.