A Microwave That Plays YouTube Videos

Cast Oven is a microwave oven design that gives you a little bit of entertainment while your food cooks up. Instead of clear window, there’s an LCD screen. When you punch in the amount of time to cook the food, the microwave connects to the internet and streams a video clip from YouTube of the exact same length. Now there’s a few problems with this that make it better in theory than in execution; first how does it pick the videos? I’d prefer to pick my own videos rather be succumbed to the cesspool that is choosing a random YouTube video. Second- for a lot of food items, I’d DEFINITELY want to be able to see them cooking so I know if I need to stop the microwave. Individual microwaves may have different cooking times so it’s always good to keep an eye on your food. I’d call this a FAIL.

castoven via technabob

One thought on “A Microwave That Plays YouTube Videos

  1. It’s not a fail!

    The answer to my prayers. I don’t care about seeing my food because who cares. Lean pockets are 2 minutes.

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