Gift Ideas for Girls

It’s another Craziest Gadgets gift guide- this time for girls. Here’s some unique and hot gadgets that girls of varying ages would love to get this holiday season. Check out the rest of our gift guides here (more coming soon too!).
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Candy Jewel Factory Oven – $26.50

candy jewel factory
Do you love jewelery? Do you love candy? Then you will love the Girl Gourmet Sweets Candy Jewel Factory. With the Candy Jewel Factory you can create your very own hard candy jewelry. It’s easy; just pour the hard candy pellets into one of the silicone molds, heat in the oven, and cool. The Candy Jewel Factory include one oven, two silicone molds, two hard candy pellets, three sprinkle packets, two plastic ring bases, two plastic ring covers and one plastic locket: everything you need to make your own jewelry that’s really SWEET!

The Candy Jewel Factory Oven is available at Amazon for $26.50
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Hannah Montana Digital Photo Frame – $29.99

hannah montana photofame
Show your pictures in style! 128 MB on-board memory. USB Compatible, Memory upgradeable with SD Cards. 7″ high resolution color LCD Screen, Easy to Use menu controls, Easily download your photos from your computer, 10 Slide Show transitions, custom Disney images. Customize it with interchangeable faceplates- includes 2 faceplates- Hannah Montana and Disney Princess “The Fairest of All”.

Buy the Hannah Montana Digital Photo Frame at Amazon for $29.99
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Barbie Doll’d Up Nails Digital Nail Printer – $204

Get the ultimate custom manicure with BARBIE Doll’d Up Nails Digital Nail Printer! With this digital nail printer, you can create, customize, and print perfect, professional quality designs for your nails right at home. Just select your design, choose your color, print it and wear it! Barbie Doll’d Up Nails connects to your computer and is easy and fun to use. Printing takes only a few seconds, and the designs last for days! Use on your own, or invite your friends over for a manicure party! You can select from 1000s of intricate designs, and even upload your own photos to create a custom manicure perfect for any occasion.

Buy the Barbie Doll’d Up Nails Digital Nail Printer at Amazon for $204
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Zubbles Colored Bubbles – $14.99

The world’s first colored bubbles! Ten years went into developing this special formula. You see, the bubbles are not only brilliant blue and pixie pink (you get one bottle of each bubble color), but the dyes are completely non-toxic and non-staining. That’s right, if the bubbles pop in your mouth, you won’t die. And if they pop on your shirt, the color will evaporate away. Colored Bubbles really are the perfect combination of science and magic.

You can get Zubbles Colored Bubbles at Think Geek for $14.99
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Hannah Montana Plug-In Guitar Video Game – $39.99

Girls, grab your guitars and get ready to rock with the Hannah Montana Pop Tour Guitar Video Game! This fun, interactive game is played with a colorful, lightweight plastic guitar that bring the songs of Hannah Montana alive through your television. Rock your way through a nationwide tour, or play with friends to show off your rock-star talent. With no console or additional software needed, simply plug the cool,guitar-shaped controller into any standard TV and prepare to rock out onscreen with Hannah and her hottest hits. Match the notes and the beats in sequence to play along with Hannah…with this game, you’re not just with the band…you are the band.

Jakks Pacific G2 Game Girl Hannah Montana Guitar Video Game is available at Amazon for $39.99
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High School Musical Alarm Clock Radio for iPod – $52.46

This alarm clock is perfect for any High School Musical fan. It looks beautiful and is built with durability in mind. One can play the radio, an iPod, or use the AUX jack for other music players. The alarm can be set for the radio, the iPod, or an annoying beep sure to get anyone out of bed.

Buy the Disney High School Musical Alarm Clock Radio for iPod and MP3 Players at Amazon for $52.46
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Bossa Nova Penbo Interactive Penguin – $79.99

The loveable interactive penguin loves you and loves her baby. Penbo responds to your touch and sound and speaks Penguish. Press Penbo’s ear and an egg magically appears from her pouch. Penbo calls for and interacts with her baby and rocks baby to sleep. Baby plays games with Penbo including hide and seek and peek-a-boo. Baby works as remote control for Penbo making her walk, turn and flap wings. Includes Penbo robot, baby and egg. She listens, talks, responds to you and to her Bebe, and reacts when you pet her head or carry her with you. Penbo’s responses change depending on whether she is happy or sad. Play with Bebe and Penbo by holding Bebe in front of Mommy’s heart and pressing on Bebe’s head. Tag, hide and seek, mimic me, peek-a-boo, musical chairs. Press Penbo’s heart once and she delivers an egg from the belly. What a magical moment. The bebe that appears interacts with Penbo.

Buy the Bossa Nova Penbo Interactive Waddling Penguin with Bebe at Amazon for $79.99
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