How to Make a Hello Kitty MP3 Player Worse: Cover it in Swarovksi Crystals

iriver hello kitty crystal
Sometimes when two things come together into one it’s just a great combination like peanut butter and chocolate- that’s tasty. The iPhone is a phone and an iPod- that’s handy. But other times when you combine two famous things you get what we dub the “Whitney and Bobby effect”- it just doesn’t work. The combination is worse than the sum of it’s parts.

The Hello Kitty MP3 player from iRiver would be bad enough as it is but they’ve gone and stepped up the “ugh factor” by covering it in Swarovski crystals. There’s 300 crystals on covering the ubiquitously annoying cat’s face which is, according to my math, about 300 too many. Maybe you like this MP3 player but as Bobby Brown says, that’s your prerogative.

via akihabara