Swarovski Crystal Diamond Weather Station

This Oregon Scientific Diamond Weather Station is all jazzed up in sparkling Swarovski Crystals. What do crystals have to do with weather reporting? We’ll never know but based on past experience here in the wonderfully wide world of gadgetry, if a gadget can be covered in Swarovski crystals, then it eventually will be.

Ignoring the why, let’s get to the what- the crystals form the shapes of the most common weather elements such as a red sun for a sunny day, blue clouds for an overcast weather report an green (?!?) droplets for rain. If you have green rain where you live, I’d recommend moving (*disclaimer: I’m not a scientist, maybe green rain is normal in some parts of the world).

The other side of the weather station has an atomic clock for accurate timekeeping. It’s a sleek display that will give you the weather in dazzling style. It doesn’t appear to give you any indication of the wind but to paraphrase Bob Dylan “don’t need a Swarovski crystal weather station to know which way the wind blows” or something like that.

via holycool