Swarovski Crystal Encrusted Switch Plate

Nevermind the global financial meltdown and recession behind the curtain- these Swarovski-encrusted luxury switch plates are fab-u-lous and once again prove that you can encrust anything in Swarovski crystals (and it probably looks bad). Look here’s a quote from The Donald- “these crystal switch plates Trump all others. regular plastic switch plates-you’re fired”.

Nothing says class like some marble columns (maaahrble columns) and the best switch plates money can buy. I mean seriously, you’re going to turn on a $12,000 chandelier with a $2 lightswitch? You’re going to plug in your diamond encrusted iPhone 3GS in a regular plastic outlet like some bum off the street? That’s not living the good life. It’s all about style these days. You can have your choice of 15 different colors and with a gold, silver or leaf motif. That’s ultimate luxury right there. The high life. Here’s to good friends, tonight is kinda special. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Planes trains and automobiles. Things that make you go mmmm.

via trendir

4 thoughts on “Swarovski Crystal Encrusted Switch Plate

  1. i actually love bling, and have crystallized a few of my gadgets and i loved it but some things should not be crystallized, like switchplates, lol

  2. Crystallized light switches? Awesome idea!!
    I just saw, that they recently launched their online shop. Pretty cool collection I’d say.

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