Chaheati Heated Camping Chair

You’ve probably seen those lightweight collapsible camping chairs made of canvas on a metal frame. Maybe you even own one or a few. You’re probably thinking, short of giant sizing the chair and adding more cupholders, nothing else can be done to innovate this product. But the Chaheati does add on a cool new feature- heat!

Each Chaheati has a controllable, rechargeable heat pack that heats up the back and seat of the chair via a patent pending woven heating technology within 20 seconds. You can set the temperature to one of four settings from 98° to 145°. Great for fishing, camping, tailgating, living in Minnesota, concerts and more.

If you’ve ever tried to make a bonfire to keep warm while tailgating at a football game, you know that it’s both hard to find wood in a parking lot and even harder to avoid getting kicked out of the stadium by security for setting fires illegally (trust me on that one). Not a problem with this four season travel chair- totally legal. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of heat per charge and lasts for over 500 uses. A car adapter is available too. It’s water and fire resistant and available for $89 direct from the Chaheati website.

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