Notepods are iPod Notepads

Son, since you’ve been so good in school this year and done all your chores I’ve decided to get you an iPod- notepad. “Dad you suck”. “Work on your penmanship, kid. Here’s an expensive pen I’ll give you as a gift that you’ll never use”. “Thanks Dad. Mommmmmm, can I get an iPod? Puhhlease.”

Really as far as notebooks good, these are pretty freakin’ cool. Look, I wrote my own app- it’s called Tic-Tac-Toe. I’m going to be a paper app store Apple millionaire. Here’s another free app for your Notepod called “shopping list”. I’m still working in my Doodle app. Ok, I guess if you really were an application designer, you could sketch out some ideas on these but what about the rest of us?

notepods via ohgizmo

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