Dragon iPod Dock is Octopus-like

The Dragon I iPod Dock is definitely misnamed. It should have been called the Octopus iPod Dock, or maybe the Quadropus or possibly Medusa. It’s resemblance to any sort of dragon is negligible, although the color it comes in is called “zwart” (I believe that’s actually Dutch for something). It does sort of look like a mutant-eyed creature of some sort. The Dragon has 30W of power, an alarm clock, and can connect with most types of MP3 players and audio devices. Product features:

Power: 4 x 5 W
Subwoofer: 10 W
Radio FM – Alarm Clock
USB port
Mini jack 3.5 mm
Apple Dock
Remote Control
Power LED indication

It costs € 149.95 which is around $200 US.

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