Mousetrap Coffin Tells It Like It Is

mousetrap coffin
The Mousetrap Coffin may not be a candidate for any build a better mousetrap competitions but it’s certainly a more honest mousetrap. Make no bones about it, this trap is designed to put mice in their grave. Designed by Sarah Dery, is supposed to be made so you can treat the dead pest with respect and give it a proper burial in the backyard (or better yet, neighbor’s yard). And by respecting the mouse, she means after you’ve brutally killed it, of course.

Too bad the mice aren’t smart enough to realize it from the telltale coffin shape. I mean if someone put a giant coffin shaped house in front of me with some cheese inside, I wouldn’t just go in and explore. Unless the sign outside said that it’s free and it was some sort of creamy Dutch gouda or a manchego or maybe a sharp cheddar. AHH nevermind- I guess I would totally go in to check it out, I mean who can resist cheese, food of the Gods? Not me. And not the mouse either.

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