E-Light Indoor Outdoor Umbrella Pole iPod Speaker and Lamp

ipod light speaker
The E-light Indoor/Outdoor Entertainment Light is the perfect deck accessory for your dark quiet backyard. The round cordless light clamps onto your patio umbrella pole and sheds a beautiful soft glow on your table via it’s six high output LED lights. Meanwhile, you plug in your iPod or other Mp3 player (haha seriously does anyone out there NOT own an iPod? any Zune lovers? no?) into the standard headphone jack and the acoustically balanced stereo speakers will add some rockin’ tunes to your yard. The gadget runs for up to 6 hours with both light and sound or double that with just one or the other on. The charging stand allows it to double as a desk lamp. Since the E-Light is an indoor/outdoor device, you can also use it indoors and clamp it on to your basement stripper pole for the full club effect.
via TFTS