Icon Socket: An Interesting Round Design Flat Power Strip

The Icon Socket is an attractively designed round power strip with a giant plug logo on the front. It can accept up to four devices plugged in (2 pronged only though- none of your fancy 3 pronged gizmos need apply) at once. The Icon Socket has it’s own 7 foot long power cord to plug in, so it’s ideal if you need to have a power strip exposed on your floor or desk frequently and want a good looking alternative to the ugly bulky standard power strip.
The back of the Icon Socket has a magnet, so you can attach it to the wall or any magnetic surface like a steel desk or fridge. Why you’d need a power strip on your fridge, I don’t know, but you could do it that’s what’s important here. It comes in white, black, or gray and costs 3000 yen (about $30). Nice.

e-goods via rinkya