A Solution for Power Bricks in Surge Protectors

plug power
Your surge protector might be designed to hold 6 things plugged in but many of today’s electronic devices using bulky AC adapters/power bricks, actually fitting 6 devices can be impossible. Have no fear, Plug Power is here to save the day. It’s simply a little tiny extension cord. Because sometimes that’s all you need- just a little distance. Plug in the Plug Power and move those bulky adapters off the power strip and out of the way. It has other uses too:
plug power behind couch
Need to reach an outlet that’s behind a couch or large piece of furniture? Instead of cramming a 3 or 6 foot long extension cord back there, just use the short Plug Power to get power where you need it. Hard to reach places just got a little easier to reach. Plug it into itself for easy storage and travel (and to protect the prongs in transit):
plug power folded
You could even loop it around cables to keep them manageable. The Plug Power measures just under 8″ long with a 4″ length between the plugs. Just enough to give you that little boost you need. Problem solved.