Lego Sunglasses: Cool or Stupid?

I’m on the fence about these Lego sunglasses- it’s either a really cool idea or just plain stupid. I guess it depends upon what type of Lego bricks or figures or whatnot you decide to attach to the sides of the glasses. These are designed by the French optical company Lynx Optique, so presumably they are only available in France. You could build a whole Lego helmet around these things to complete the whole “I’m a geek” look. Or something like that. Peace!

via visioninvisible (sp)

16 thoughts on “Lego Sunglasses: Cool or Stupid?

  1. Wow, very interesting, do you really love this then you can come to Tradestead there you will have much more fun!

  2. I think they´re really stupid, like so many other things “Made in France”, and by the way, We must thanl to the Lord that they´re available only in France. The rest of the world, doesn´t need these crazy stuff.

  3. i for one absoloutly love them i really want a pair, and i wanna know where you can buy them!

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