Bed Bunker is the Safest Way to Store Things Under Your Mattress

With the near collapse of our nation’s banking system more and more people are reverting to the old fashioned way of saving money- under the mattress. And with less money to spend, people are no longer buying smaller handguns but instead larger and cheaper rifles (ok I made that up). But under the mattress is not the most secure place for your cash or your oversized weapons. Unless they’re in a safe.

The Bed Bunker is a massive 1300lb modular secure lockbox that fits under your mattress by replacing the boxspring. Available in a variety of bed sizes, the fireproof safe is secured via a tamper proof mul-t-lock locking system with an integrated strategically mounted maximum security hinge system. The door opens smoothly with a hydraulic gas-assist piston. These $2700-5200 boxes are huge- you can hold a small arsenal in each one- there’s room for 32 rifles and 70 hand guns in there. That’s enough room for over half of Mr. T’s jewelry. And just think, if you ever have an accident with one of your 32 rifles, they could always use the Bed Bunker as your coffin!

bed bunker via born rich

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