Motorhome with a Detachable Car Built In

The problem with driving around in a giant RV motorhome is that they’re not conducive to taking day trips. They’re ideal for long hauls and then parking at a campground, RV park, or Walmart (FYI, you can overnight in an RV or other vehicle legally in almost any Walmart parking lot) and then relaxing in style but if you wanted to head out on a winding mountain road or head down to the lake it’s near impossible in such a large vehicle.

A lot of people opt for a towable RV for just this reason. And often you will see people with a car trailing behind a motorhome. This detachable car RV concept looks to turn that all upside down. Why have two engine and two vehicles when all you need is one modular one? That’s the idea behind this futuristic concept called COLIM (Colors of Life in Motion).

If you’re looking for something that’s in production today that will allow you to have a car with your RV, then you might want something like this bad boy with a sports car in it’s belly:

That thing just looks expensive. It’s kind of like a Knight Rider truck for the retirees.

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