Super Mario Bob-omb Tissue Holder

If you’ve played Super Mario (and we’re assuming if you’re reading a gadget blog here you probably have? or you’ve at least heard of Super Mario? You live somewhere on Earth, right? Ok, just checking) then you surely are familiar with the adorably deadly little bombs with eyes, feet, arms sometimes, and a wind-up key on the back to let you know he means business. We’re talking Bob-omb. Yeah the name is as cute as the character. So is the Bob-omb Tissue Holder.

But you know what’s not cute? Germs flying everywhere. So grab a tissue out of Bob-omb’s plush little head and cover your nose. It’s flu season, and the only thing more dangerous than a flu virus being expelled out of your body at 100 mph (actual sneeze fact alert!) is a little wind-up cartoon bomb that holds tissues.