Spill Free Gas Can

Can a simple gas can really be improved in any meaningful way? You’re probably thinking, no it can’t, as you quickly flip your gas can upside down and attempt to pour gasoline into your lawnmower and end up spilling it all over the garage, again. But yes ma’am it surely can with the Sure Can Gas Can, damn. With one simple modification, everything changes. This gas can has it’s spout on the BOTTOM of the can, so when you pour it out, there’s no spillage. Simple, effective, smart, clean.

The spout both rotates and bends into any position, so it’s easy to align it with the gas tank of your lawn mower, ATV, car, snowblower, tractor, generator, or whatever else you’re gassing up these days. There’s a thumb trigger on the top to release pressure through the top of the can and help you to control the gas flow while the gas is neatly dispensed. So it’s both easier to lift and easier to pour. Win win. Plus, the Sure Can is made of high-density polyethylene for durability.

The other big advantage of having a long spout like the Sure Can has, is that you can actually see the receiving gas tank as you fill it up and it’s not blocked from your view by the gas can itself. We always say here, that it’s helpful to be able to see what you’re doing as you’re doing it. That’s a life lesson my friends.